Sheep MAP

The Australian Johne’s Disease Market Assurance Programs for sheep (SheepMAP) is is part of the national effort to control Johne’s disease in the Australian sheep flock. SheepMAP is a voluntary program for producers which enable them to identify and promote their negative Johne’s disease status to their clients. Flocks in SheepMAP are not accredited as free of Johne’s disease, but they have a low risk of being infected compared to Not-Assessed flocks. Producers can minimise the risk of purchasing infected sheep by sourcing replacement animals from MAP assessed flocks.

SheepMAP aims to identify, protect and promote flocks that are at low risk of being infected with Johne’s disease. It is based on a property risk assessment an audited farm biosecurity plan, movement controls and a testing regime.  Trained and Approved Veterinarians assess these management strategies and test the stock.

The role of the SheepMAP is to:

–          provide a pool of low risk replacement animals for those flock owners who want to reduce the risk of introducing infection, including properties restocking as part of a  Property Disease Management Plan (PDMP.)

–          facilitate the movement of low-risk animals between areas.

Producers whose flocks have tested negative should consider purchasing sheep from SheepMAP flocks where possible. For further details on the SheepMAP visit the Market Assurance Programs web page.