Farm biosecurity

Implementing a simple biosecurity plan will help to prevent OJD and other major production limiting diseases (as well as pests and weeds) from entering your farm. Introduced and straying sheep present the greatest risk of OJD introduction to your farm therefore purchasing sheep that have the lowest risk must be a primary aim when buying sheep. Ideally, introduced sheep should come from flocks at low risk of OJD or for extra assurance from MAP accredited flocks. Producers should always ask questions about the sheep they intend to purchase and should request a signed Sheep Health Statement.

Remember biosecurity is not hard;

  • Know your own flockā€™s disease status
  • Identify the likely sources of disease
  • Develop an animal health plan to minimise these risks
  • Continue to monitor for the absence of disease
  • Ensuring that your boundary fences are secure and in good order will help prevent neighbour sheep straying onto your property is an easy first step.

Further information on farm biosecurity is available on the Farm Biosecurity website.