Policy Discussion Paper & Public Submissions

In January 2013, WoolProducers Australia and Sheepmeat Council of Australia prepared a discussion paper and media statement, explaining a series of proposed changes that came into effect with the introduction of a new National OJD Management Plan on 1 July 2013.

As part of a public consultation process, producers and industry were invited to submit responses to the Discussion Paper. Permission to publish these submissions was sought and those where permission has been provided have been made available for download below.

WPA and SCA reviewed and analysed the 60 submissions received from both individuals and representative bodies, and while there were a range of views presented, there was support for the general direction of the new plan.

The document, Public Consultation Outcomes – National OJD Management Plan, summarises the feedback and the discussion points that SCA and WPA considered when making policy decisions.

WPA and SCA have considered the feedback carefully and formalised the policy ahead of the 1 July 2013 start date.


Submission 1-Andrew Farran
Submission 2-Lorriane Wheeler
Submission 3-Andrew Coleman
Submission 4-Ruth & Dale Price
Submission 5-Don Pratley
Submission 6-Tasmanian OJD Taskforce
Submission 7- Katrina Hodgkinson
Submission 9-Micky and Rosey Leeming
Submission 10-Peter Reilly
Submission 12- Alix Turner
Submission 13- Mike & Carol Sudholz
Submission 14- Geoff Gale
Submission 15- Andrew Burgess
Submission 16 John Mundy
Submission 17-Antony Martin
Submission 18-Jo Murdoch
Submission 19- Coonamble OJD Committee
Submission 20 -Nyngan OJD Committee
Submission 21- Zoetis
Submission 22- West Wimmera Shire Council
Submission 23-Tony Gilpin
Submission 24 David and Pamela Gowing
Submission 25- Queensland Government
Submission 26 -New England Producer (anonymous)
Submission 27- Jim McDonald
Submission 28- Riverina Sheep Biosecurity Committee
Submission 29-Christina Stewart
Submission 30 -Steve Harrison
Submission 31Tracy Parker
Submission 33- Victorian Farmers Federation Livestock Group
Submission 34 Dave Gardiner Agricultural consultant, Livestock Health & Husbandry
Submission 35- Central West Livestock Health and Pest Authority
Submission 36- OJD Advisory Committee Narrabri
Submission 37- Cassilis Branch NSW Farmers Assoc
Submission 38-John E. Harvey
Submission 39-Kevin Crook
Submission 40- Eubindal Agriculture PL
Submission 41 Jill and Harry Powell
Submission 42-Andrew Ternouth VSMSBA
Submission 43 – NSW Farmers Tamworth
Submission 44 – PGA
Submission 45 #1 OJD Submission 2013 x 2-
Submission 45 #2 Steering committee edits on Industry concerns paper-
Submission 46 #1 Arid zone communities NSW preventing incursion-
Submission 46 #2 Arid zone communities of New South Wales preventing OJD-
Submission 46 #3 Farm_Biosecurity_BH flockowners_final-
Submission 46 #4 Strong vote for continued biosecurity through the OJD Exclusion Area-
Submission 46 #5 WD position on OJD to SCA WPA Feb 2013-
Submission 47 #1- Australian Border Leicester Association ojd submission
Submission 47 # 2 – points system
Submission 48-Geoff Turnbull
Submission 49- M&D Stevens
Submission 50- Murray Rogerson
Submission 51- ACA Victorian Branch
Submission 52-Agforce
Submission 54 Karen Agnew
Submission 55- Mary Currie
Submission 56- Don Murdoch
Submission 57- SASAG-OJD Joint Meeting Outcomes 18 Feb 2013 (part B)
Submission 57-SA OJD Committee (part A)
Submission 58 NSW Farmers
Submission 59- Robert Harding
Submission 60-Western Australia Farmers Federation